Composite Datenblätter

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Adhesive systems

Epoxidharz E5K
Epoxidharz E60K
Epoxidharz E120K


Epoxidharz E25KL
Epoxidharz E45KL
Epoxidharz E25TU
Epoxidharz E25TMU
Epoxidharz E45T
Epoxidharz E45TM


Epoxidharz E30FB


Epoxidharz E25L
Epoxidharz E45L
Epoxidharz E28L
Epoxidharz E55L
Epoxidharz E110L
Epoxidharz E29L
Epoxidharz E56L
Epoxidharz E111L


Epoxidharz E30RI
Epoxidharz E120RI
Epoxidharz E300RI

Surface systems

Epoxidharz E25D
Epoxidharz E25DM
Epoxidharz E40D
Epoxidharz E40DM

High heat resistant systems

Epoxidharz E120D
Epoxidharz E120DM

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