Epoxy resins for reinforcing fibers

Due to the versatile application possibilities paired with optimal component properties, the composites market is characterized by its steady growth. As a producer and supplier of individual synthetic resin systems for the impregnation of reinforcing fibers, such as laminating systems, infusion systems or surface systems, we are able to serve this market in a targeted and solution-oriented manner. Thanks to the close integration of all our divisions, we are able to offer a high degree of variability within our product range. In the B2B sector, composite manufacturers and composite suppliers in particular can thus benefit from our diverse product portfolio, which also meets individual customer requirements.

Epoxy resins for laminating and infusion applications

Our wide range of laminating and infusion systems offers a suitable epoxy resin system for various applications. Both for impregnation and lamination as well as for infusion, our systems meet the highest demands and also score with their optimum impregnation and flow properties.

Epoxy resins for surface applications

Our epoxy resin coating systems ensure a clear and tack-free surface structure due to their perfect wetting of the reinforcing fibers. The improved UV resistance of the systems is also particularly advantageous for this area.

High-heat epoxy resins

Demanding applications require special solutions. One such solution is provided by our high-heat resistant systems, which specifically and safely withstand use under high heat loads, made possible above all by their static and dynamic strength.

Epoxy resins for bonding applications

Our adhesive systems include, on the one hand, high-quality quick-setting resin systems and, on the other, construction adhesives for large-area bonding and joining. Especially for high-performance bonding, they impress with their high resistance and very good wetting properties.