Construction chemistry

Epoxy resins in the construction chemicals sector

We meet the diversity in the field of construction chemicals with our systems tailored to the respective application. In addition to primer systems and coating systems, these also include paving joint systems and corrosion protection systems. Our range includes coating materials for floor coatings and wall coatings, developed on the basis of many years of experience. The resulting expertise ensures safety in application within the respective requirement profile.

Epoxy resin for deep impregnation

Due to pronounced adhesion and wetting properties on mineral / porous substrates, our priming systems have a deep-impregnating and pore-filling effect. They serve as a perfect base for further system build-up.

Epoxy resins for surface coatings

These systems meet the highest demands and can be used for floor and wall coatings. As roller or self-leveling leveling compounds, these epoxy resin systems offer very high chemical and mechanical resistance after curing.

Epoxy resin as corrosion protection

Our corrosion protection system serves as an ideal solution to protect metallic substrates from acids and alkalis. Apart from its high chemical resistance, it forms a tack-free and scratch-resistant surface.

Epoxy resin as a base for paving grout

The epoxy paving joint system ensures fast and durable jointing so that no weed growth is possible. Depending on the mineral composition, it can be adjusted for light to heavy traffic loads.