Epoxy resins for casting and molding

Based on our many years of experience as a casting resin manufacturer, we have been able to build up an extensive range in the area of impression materials and casting resins, which is constantly being further developed. The systems are produced from high-quality raw materials on a silicone, acrylic or epoxy resin basis in order to meet the highest quality standards as a casting resin and impression material supplier. Against this background, our development and production processes are subject to constant optimization, so that a high degree of flexibility can be achieved at short notice in coordination with special customer requirements.

Epoxy resin or silicone-based impression systems

In our high-quality impression systems, we distinguish between epoxy resin-based and silicone-based systems. These are ideally suited for applications with high dimensional accuracy. Their use ranges from the creation of flexible casting molds to simple duplication in model making.

Epoxy resins for casting applications

The optimized properties of our unfilled epoxy resin-based casting systems, which include improved UV resistance, ensure transparent, low-shrinkage potting with tack-free surfaces.

Water-based acrylic casting resins

Our acrylic-based casting systems enable the detailed creation of decorative and technical elements, the production of sculptures and reliefs, and the creation of detailed models. They are particularly convincing due to their ease of processing.

Polyurethane-based casting resins

In addition to their excellent flow properties, our PU-based casting systems are characterized by very fast through-curing and short demolding times. Furthermore, they score with their high fillability and are easy to use.