Additives +

Additives and auxiliaries for system adaptation

Our additives and auxiliaries enable mechanical as well as environmental adaptation of our 2K systems. This results in an almost unlimited number of possibilities to modify and optimize our systems with regard to their properties. In addition to colorants and release agents, our product portfolio also includes thickeners, deaerators, flow agents and UV stabilizers. Thinners and cleaning agents round off the product range.

Colorants for epoxy resins and PUR systems

Our colorant range comprises selected additives for the optical design of resin systems. In addition to fine powder pigments, this includes a large selection of highly concentrated color pastes and dyes.

Release agent for epoxy resins and PUR systems

Our release agents ensure trouble-free demolding, a reduction in rework and an extension of the service life of the mold. The use of the right release agent minimizes costs.

Additives for the adaptation of resin systems

Additives are liquid, soluble components that positively influence the variable to be changed even in low concentrations. Accordingly, the properties of the resin systems can be specifically modified and adapted according to the application.

Fillers for the physical adaptation of epoxy resins

Fillers are usually added to the mixed epoxy resin system to influence physical properties. These are not soluble in the matrix and are usually added in higher concentrations.

Thinner for viscosity adjustment of epoxy resins

By using our thinners, the viscosity of 2K systems can be functionally changed. A distinction is made here between passive and difunctional (crosslinking) thinners.

Cleaning agents for surfaces and tools

Other auxiliaries are ideal for cleaning and degreasing applications of surfaces. Furthermore, in addition to brushes and tools, GRP molds can also be thoroughly cleaned and freed from resin residues.